Monday, August 25, 2014

The 2014-2015 Classroom

Happy First Day to some and Happy Monday to others!

I know he probably doesn't read this blog but I do want to give special shout out to one of my very favorite people and THE best assistant principal I have ever had as he heads to his first high school gig! GOOD LUCK TODAY!! <3

Alright, to celebrate the school year officially on its way for everyone (and not just us crazy year-rounders) I am finally ready to share my classroom for this year. 

Room as you enter. I'm trying for a free seating like environment so I have a pod for tutoring, some groups for collaboration and some straightforward seating for those just wanting to watch videos or anything else individual like. 

As the students walk in. The black box is any paper assignments they have through Schoology. The baskets are anything the would need randomly (Cornell Notes, BAMs) The bin is for my AVID kids.

The front of the classroom.

RUBIES and "Ask 3 Before Me"

Capturing Kids Hearts- I did this training a couple years back and finally implemented it this year. I have these to remind myself and the students the hand signals.

Questioning Stems- We, as a whole school, are working on inquiry. This is my questioning stem wall. The students all have the question starters in their Interactive Notebooks.

My desk- I am really, really, really trying this year to stay organized. I have all my interactive notebooks, writing utensils and papers organized... for now. 

Table of Contents/Word Wall- I am having the students keep up with their own Table of Contents in their Interactive Notebook. I am going to try to include examples as well for them. I am also working on an interactive word wall. Right now we are working on layers of the Earth which is why that is the only one filled out.

Student Cubbies- Throwback to Lower Elementary! I have enough of these things for all of my Science students. I tell them if they don't want to take their notebook home I will house it for them so it does not get lost since it is SUPER important they keep up with it.

Binders- Again, REAAAAALLLY trying to stay organized. I have binders for pretty much everything- Student information, parent contracts that have been signed, any evidence for my professional portfolio, science standards and data from their pre-assessment. This year's motto: "If it doesn't go to a student it goes in a binder. If it doesn't go in a binder, it goes in the trash." We will see.

Happy Monday!
Mrs. C

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