Saturday, August 23, 2014

New Year, New Classroom Set Up

Its a new school year!

Well, for a lot of people. Here in Hawaii we have year-round schooling which means I have been hanging out with a new crop of kiddos since August 1st. I do know, however, that some schools are just now getting back into session so I wanted to share some classroom ideas while I am still working on the Flipped Classroom Series.

This is my classroom from last school year when I taught a S.T.E.M. elective.

I am always a huge fan of ALL of my students facing the front during the firs couple weeks of school. I always do random assigned seating. Usually either matching numbers or cards. The last couple years I have gotten poor so I just placed numbers on the tables and gave the students index cards with numbers on them when they walk in. This system was much more effective when I had 6th graders. I had one 8th grade class this last year that thought they were funny and would switch cards when they walked in. It did not make for a very fun first couple of days. You live, you learn.

 I do however really love the tables I have. I ended up switching classrooms for this current year and made sure the tables came with. They are so versatile. I can have them be seating for one, two or push them together and make group tables. I am not a HUGE fan of allowing students to partner up the first couple days of school but you have to work with what you have.

 Bulletin boards... I tried doing a classroom economic system last year which quickly pattered out due to time and effort BUT it is a great idea. You give "cash" bonuses for students being extra awesome and fines for things like being tardy, rude or not doing their work. Again, it is a great idea in theory.

Mrs. C

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