Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sub Binder...Finally

Sub days... in my opinion, I would rather come to school near death than have to plan for a sub. Unfortunately, stuff always comes up- planned and unplanned. Like today for example... good 'ole conferences. I thought, there would be no better time than now to share my sub binder. 

A little background- I did not even make a sub binder until year 4 of teaching, and the end of year 4 at that. It was just never a huge priority. I always thought that I HAD to be out I would know ahead of time or as punishment to myself I would drag myself in, dying, and fix up my room. 

No need!

This thing has anything a sub could ever want. Rosters, seating, phone list, behavior and so much more! The only thing I have to do really is write up a small one pager over the days lessons and done. And even that is taken care of now since doing the self-paced, flipped classroom. 

The cover- I may have a slight obsession with pink...and chevron. Why not make the substitute teacher suffer through it as well! :-)

What's Inside- I actually did a lot of research on what I wanted to put inside my binder since I really didn't want to touch it again once it was finished. I found this blog (My Organized Chaotic Classroom) and I really liked the stuff she had in hers. Obviously, being middle school, I have a slightly different set up so I had to modify but overall I really liked the content.

Daily Schedules- My school probably has the most confusing bell schedule on the planet. Everyday we see a different rotation of 6 out of our 7 classes and Wednesday we see our Advisory twice. I have had many a confused sub with the teacher version of the bell schedule which has the whole week made into a one pager. Where I killed more trees I feel like this was the easiest way to explain what classes would be coming in which days.

Procedures and Management- Whether the sub ever actually reads all this is beyond my control, but I feel better knowing that it is all there. The school does have a school wide system in place for discipline- refocus area in the classroom, buddy room, office referral. There is a sheet for each which I placed behind in a pocket divider for easy access.

Emergencies- Always good to know and I feel like I always miss something, hence the sticky.

To be honest, I am still working through the emergency sub plans. I do think, however, I might just put something on the flipped classroom website and call it good. I probably need to figure out something soon though because I am starting to feel a tickle in my throat... or the beach calling my mental health. ;-) Just kidding, but it is always good to be prepared.

Mrs. C

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