Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Planning

Oh Summer...

How you seem to slip by faster and faster every year. Damn you! Luckily, I am about to spend my 3rd year in the same classroom, in the same grade, teaching the same stuff. I feel I am very lucky in that aspect. I no longer have to worry really about what to do (lesson planning, lesson delivery, grading, etc) but I am able to fine tune HOW to do it. It is AwEsOmE!

Teachers report back to school in about 4 weeks and since my cheerleaders do a community service fundraiser to help the teacher settle back in, I have to be ready to go ahead of time.

First, I wanted to start off with what and how I have been planning all summer. Besides the good 'ole World Wide Web I have three things with me all summer.

1. My binders of all that is science. They are organized by 6 weeks (red being 1st semester and yellow being 2nd semester), then inside they are organized by unit during the 6 weeks. I put in these all worksheets, district curriculum "road maps", projects, foldables, etc. Anything that I have or have thought of giving the kids the past 2 years are in these guys. Thank you mentor teacher for the idea!

2. I have my handy dandy super low tech teacher planner. As I will explain and you will see later that I LOVE technology... I am a technology fiend. BUT, I LOVE my planner. Reason being, the sticky notes. It is so so easy to rip them off and throw them away and move them around and make a quick note. Much easier than finding your computer, pulling up the file, manipulating it, re-saving, etc. I could be wrong here but this has worked very well for me for two years now.

3. ~ This website literally has two years and then some of thumb drives, emails, electronic lesson plans (both daily and weekly), and pictures. Reason for this- I once had a teacher friend tell me a horror story of having 3 years worth of lessons and such on one single mega thumb drive and one day :POOF: jacked. Gotta love our sticky fingered pre-teens. But anyways I suggest some sort of cloud type website. (DropBox, Cloud, whatever) to back up all electronic files. There is a free version of DropBox but it only has 3GB of space which is basically one small thumb drive. I pay $9.99 a month for the upgraded and have 100GB of space. Totally worth it to me. Check them out!

Hope that helped for summer planning. Throughout this next week I have cheerleading camp up at the school and will be staying to organize my classroom. There will be pictures and posts to come!

"People who work and put in effort always achieve more than those who do not."- Harry Wong

Mrs. Callahan =)

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