Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Classroom Mapping Cont.

So, I decided to upload pictures really quick before our cheerleading lock-in starts. I had talked yesterday about setting up a classroom with the most maneuvering room possible. I mapped out what I thought I wanted with the room and went ahead and set it up. This is what I got.

Excuse the mess, I'm slowly but surely putting stuff together. I did however want to point out the large center aisle which has never happened in this classroom... ever. I opted to not have a desk but a nook instead with seats available for student conferencing. I am very happy about how the room turned out seating wise. Next stop, placement of everyday things.

"Arranging student desks so that your students can focus on their work is important for their success." -The First-Year Teacher's Survival Guide by Julia Thompson

Mrs. Callahan

P.S. Wish me luck on staying up late with 11 cheerleaders. I will need it. Well, that and lots of RedBull!

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