Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Flipping Feedback Unit One

The first unit is complete! (Finally). I feel like it took way longer than it should have but we have finished, nonetheless. I gave my students a survey about how they felt the "flipped classroom" is going.

As a reminder, I don't MAKE my students take notes. I do grade if they write and answer a WQA. It makes me smile thought that a large majority of them are taking notes anyways. It also makes me smile that 3 students say they most definitely do NOT work in my class and they are most definitely the students who don't take notes, don't use anything to write questions and are not doing well in my class...sooooooo...correlation? 

This is the part that makes me reflect on how the classroom is set up. I have quite a few students telling me they don't even go onto Schoology outside of class. As a reflection question to myself, I am wondering how to structure the class so 1) they are responsible for logging on at night for "homework" while 2) maintaining the self paced classroom. I am struggling with this one. 

This data chart really does make me feel like my students are getting something out of the class. I was afraid the WQAs were going to be a flop but it seems like a large majority of the students are finding them helpful. I also am EXTREMELY torn about the students being able to sit where they want. I really REALLY REALLY want them to be able to have discussions with whoever they see fit to help them solve the problem instead of me dictating. I am trying to get them to be self-sufficient. And yet, with them sitting where they want they can get a little off track. It is a classroom management thing, I know, but I need a solution. They enjoy it and most of them do work wherever. I am torn.

I did have some open responses for them
Favorite things about the class:
"Being able to have other resources rather than just Ms. Callahan. I also liked not having to carry around a lot of papers." 
"Moving at your own pace"
"My favorite part about the "flipped classroom is that I can learn the things we have to learn at my own pace instead of learning with classroom and moving on when I don't understand something."
"Taking responsibility"
"Being able to use technology to do work at home or at school."
"My favorite part of the flipped classroom is that we are able to stop and replay the lessons/videos."

What part of the "flipped classroom" would you like to see changed?
"More videos."
"The ear phones are really bad quality"
"Check on us every once in a while"
"To eliminate the whole "flipped classroom" thing. I want to work as a class or at least a group with a helper or teacher."

Now, if I only had a week to digest the information and try again. Unfortunately, I have until tomorrow. 

Mrs. C


  1. Ashley I have stumbled across your blog and it appears to be a great example of learning and teaching!
    I am interested more about your flipped classroom. How are things going? I am curious to know what videos you are using, and are you having students watch videos at home or just in class?
    I teach 8th grade health and would be very interested in any suggestions you may have! 😃

    1. Hey Sidney!
      Things are going pretty well. I am a state tested subject so we haven't been online much this quarter. I have been using mostly videos found on YouTube. I have made my own videos using programs like iMovie and PowToon. I have found, however, that if someone else has taken the time make something awesome then, why invent the wheel?
      This school year I tried to for a more self-paced classroom which made it so students were watching more videos in class than out. At first I was like, meh, at least they are watching them. Now, looking at pacing I really need them to watch them at home for "homework". I feel I might start giving them video quizzes as warm-ups to try and get students to watch them at home.
      As for suggestions, if you go with youtube videos, you need to make sure there are no firewalls up at your school that will prevent the students from getting the videos. I was finding videos and using clip converter websites, then posting the MP4s.
      I hope this helped some. If you have anymore questions feel free to email me at acallahan6212@gmail.com