Thursday, August 2, 2012

Classroom Shopping

It is that amazing time of the year again when I get to spend money and my husband acts confused on why. For the sake of my relationship, I try to spend under $100 getting my classroom ready. I usually go to places like Hobby Lobby (I like to be artsy), Dollar Tree, and HEB (a local grocery store with awesome deals). I went shopping yesterday and here is the estimated break down of my purchases. (Keep in mind art materials such as markers, glue, colored pencils etc. are provided by my science department and I don't usually buy them on my own).

-Green and Orange plastic bins
-Composition notebooks
-Multicolored bin
Estimated: $40

Hobby Looby:
-Green Paper Latterns
-Table cloths
-Paint brushes
-Wooden board
Estimated: $35

Dollar Tree:
-Picture Frames
Estimated: $6

I love this part of setting up my room!

Mrs. Callahan

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